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Leptopelis spiritusnoctis 3.jpg

Night Ghost Tree Frog

Leptopelis spiritusnoctis

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Saharan Uromastyx - Yellow

Uromastyx geyri

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Savannah Monitor

Varanus exanthematicus

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 About Us 

Company Information:

Massasauga Imports established in 1993 is a wholesale company dealing with exotic reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. We offer a variety of captive bred and choice import animals for the pet trade. We also stock a full line of feeder insects and rodents for the animals that we sell. Located a short drive outside of Toronto, we ship all live products with our own temperature-controlled fleet of the trucks to majority of the Southern/Central Ontario locations on a weekly basis. Some locations are serviced twice a week. Where we do not ship with our own trucks, we use a network of couriers and airlines. We specialize in air transportation and controlled climate surface delivery.  We have one of the best records for on time, safe delivery anywhere in the country, any time of the year, any weather condition.



  • 25+ Years servicing the reptile industry on a national scale

    • Our reputation as a national leader in the industry

    • Our long-term partnership with key suppliers in the industry

    • Successfully servicing our current clientele with reliable service & exceptional products

  • Our unique product lines

    • Our ability to source reptiles from around the world

    • In-house breeding of our top selling animals

  • Our ability to ship live animals across Canada, ensuring safe arrival to our customers

    • Member of Air Cargo Secure Program. Membership allows for streamlining of cargo movement and makes exclusion of shipping restrictions possible

    • Highly trained Animal Packer who ensures animals are packed accordingly to their needs, climate, travel duration ensuring safe arrival to our customers

  • Custom Built Facility – Our main warehouse, breeding facility and outdoor cages are purpose built to ensure highest degree of efficiency



  • Being on the fore front of shipping highly perishable items we explore new technologies and partnerships to deliver products considered the best in the market

    • Unitizing bulk products into more efficient packaging

  • We employ people with extensive education and practical background in keeping and breeding reptiles

    • We are constantly adding new items to our breeding projects. Our success in breeding allows us to provide availability and cost control to the marketplace

  • Joint Ventures with other companies in the industry has breed success

    • Packaging

    • Logistics





Breeding Projects

We at Massasauga Imports not only take great pride in trading top quality animals, we also have a particular interest in breeding. Below is a list of our current breeding projects:

  • Ball pythons

  • Leopard geckos

  • Crested geckos

  • Panther geckos

  • Cat geckos

  • African fat-tail geckos

  • Rankin's dragons

  • Bearded dragons

  • Dwarf bearded dragons

  • Red-foot tortoises

  • Jewelled lacertas

  • Corn snakes

  • Milk snakes

  • King snakes

  • Sand boas (Kenyan, Saharan, and rough-scaled)

  • Boa constrictors

  • Bamboo rat snakes

  • Woma pythons

  • Taiwan beauties

  • Green plume basilisks

  • Brown basilisks

  • Chinese water dragons

  • Mountain horn dragons (including a recently discovered species - Acanthosaura natalia)

  • Chameleons (High casque, Jackson's, and several lines and geographical morphs of Panthers)

  • Emperor scorpions

  • Black Asian scorpions

  • Tarantulas (a few species)




Director: Mike Biernacki



General Manager: Tammy James


Customer Service/Logistics: Reptile Team


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P: 519-833-7256

F: 519-833-9190

Head Office

5464 Erin First Line

Acton, Ontario

L7J 2L9

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