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Perfect Imperfect Adoptions

Our Mission

The average reptile retailer will commonly only purchase “perfect” animals for reselling. As a result, any animal with any big or small physical or neurological imperfection is often left behind without the chance to find a home.

The impact of the perfect-only selling of animals means that without a place to go most of these imperfect animals are often euthanized due to lack of space.

Unlike cats and dogs there is no place to send these reptiles and amphibians to be adopted out to loving homes. Where they can live out long successful lives getting the one on one care that they need.

Our mission is to bring attention to this issue and fight the stigma that imperfect means “bad”. All the animals are in good health and despite looking a bit different are still able to make good pets. They are still able to make you smile, and they are still able to bring you joy.

We do not believe in euthanizing healthy animals just because they have flaws. Instead we turn to good hearted people to adopt and offer these imperfect animals a chance to live their best life, with the love and care that they deserve.

After all, are any of us perfect?


Why the Adoption Fee?

Our adoption fees are in place to help us care for as many imperfect animals as we can until they find their forever home. Fees cover nutrition, housing, medication and the tables at expos.


Find the Perfect Imperfect for you & change a life for the better.

How Do I Adopt?

Thank you for your interest in adopting! Feel free to browse the animals we have available below. If one in particular tugs at your heartstrings, fill out the Adoption Application below. You will be contacted with next steps if our adoption specialist believes that you will be a good match. For more information about adoptions, email us.

Please note that all orders MUST be pre-paid prior to shipment details being released.

Borneo Black Tarantula

Meet Alfred!

Animal ID: TA

Species: Borneo Black Tarantula

(Lampropelma sp.)

Imperfection: Missing leg

Size: 3-4 inches

Age: Adult

Price: $60 +tax

Apply to Adopt

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