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What's In It For Me?

  • Access to animals that can be difficult to find in Canada/North America

  • Hassle-free importation

    • Importing animals by yourself can be very difficult. Massasauga Imports will take care of all the shipping, border paperwork, customs, permits, and all the rest. All you have to do is place your order or reserve animal you are looking for and let us do the rest.

  • Overall landed cost savings

    • Import shipping costs can be very expensive (upwards of $1200), especially if you are paying for them  all by yourself. That's why we offer shared shipments with other customers, so you don't have to cover the whole bill alone. If more people  share the shipment, lower are the shipping costs per ordering party.

  • Security and convenience of dealing with local company

    • Ordering from new vendor can be stressful. Bion has great reputation and is well known, but if you prefer to deal with someone that you already know, us, that convenience and familiarity is there.

Questions? Email us!

How Do I Order?

Feel free to visit BION's website to view their availability. If you see something you like, let us know by filling out the order form below. Here's how the order process will work:

Step 1: You see an animal you like, and fill out the order form on this page to place an order. (Please note that BION lists prices in USD)

Step 2: We contact BION and confirm availability on your behalf.

Step 3: You send us a deposit on the animal(s) to hold it for you until shipment is possible. Deposit amount will be discussed based on type, quantity and intended shipping date, so it will be discussed as case by case. 

Step 4: Wait for others to place their orders for animals from BION. Orders will only be shipped 3-4 times per year. Waiting for others to order will allow you to share the shipping cost between multiple people. If you need order sooner, no problem. We can customize every option.

Step 5: Once shipment date is confirmed, you will pay the remainder of the cost. 

Step 6: Your animals arrive happy and healthy, and together we arrange a date and time for you to pick up your shipment.

Overall expected costs

Shipping from abroad can be a complicated process. In addition to cost of animals , importer needs to consider : cost of crate and packing material payable to shipper, export fees on Cites controlled species payable to shipper, Veterinary certificates fees as per requirement of exporting country payable to shipper, shipping cost due airline, shipping provision due to freight forwarder. Import fees due to airline agent at destination port, taxes on import due to Canada Customs. In case you live nowhere close to one of the major airports, where overseas airlines have their scheduled flights, you also need to consider hiring representative - Customs Broker - to handle all required import activities on your behalf and arrange domestic flight for your shipment. There are several customs brokers that you can hire for this, however, most of them are not accustomed to deal with live animal shipments. They work from 9-5 and time it takes for everything to fall in place can be significant. If you happen to be in need of such a service, it will add a significant cost to overall cost of shipping. 

Using our service can significantly reduce those costs. This is where our expertise, knowledge of import requirements and foresight to arrange the fastest way to move your precious animals comes as a great advantage. We can help you significantly reduce cost of shipping and can add piece of mind when you import your animals. Our service will be priced as a percentage value of your animals being imported or as a fixed  quantity in case your shipment is of high value. 

For exact pricing, please contact us directly 

BION Terrarium Center

Massasauga Imports is proud to announce a partnership with BION Terrarium Center in the Ukraine. They have been our trusted source of high-end animals for many decades. We will be placing orders with them periodically throughout the coming years. As a customer of Massasauga Imports, you will have the ability to view their availability and place orders through us to purchase hard-to-find rare reptiles. You pick the animal, we have it shipped here for you. 

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