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Why buying adult reptile pet is a good thing

We are often presented with this question. do I buy a baby lizard and i watch it grow, or should I get animal that is already of a good size?

Sometimes we do not have an option to ask that question, because store carries juvenile animals only. This makes sense for the retailer, as they can store more small animals on the same floor space and keep animals in greater density to give you more choices. What you do not have often, is a choice to buy bigger animal.

There is no good or bad answer to question asked at the beginning, but like with every choice there are pros and cons to every choice.

If you bring adult animal to your home as a pet, yes, you missed his early juvenile growth, but:

- you get animal that is close to its final size, therefore requiring one, final cage, set up eliminating series of larger tanks that you buy as animal grows. You can always upgrade your pet enclosure, but it will be because you want to, not because you have to.

- adult animals are more handleable or they will tolerate handling better than delicate babies

- handleability is important when you have children that you want to get involved with new family pet. Larger animal will be safer for them to handle and interact with.

- getting bigger, healthy animal, ensures this animal eats well, eats what is supposed to eat and is well passed vulnerable baby stage, where any mistake can result with growth of metabolic issues that will not be able to be corrected later.

- reptiles do not bond to owners same way mammals or birds do. Adult reptile will accept new owner without emotional turmoil, so there is no vulnerable adjustment period.

- reptiles may have different temperaments within species general disposition. Getting adult or larger animal does not leave this to chance. You will know what the temperament of your new pet is. It is easier to match you to your new pet.

- colour patterns are already established, so nothing is left to chance. It is also easier to tell the gender of the animal and it is more difficult to have it gone missing due to their larger size.

These are few things that come to mind, and I hope that it will offer you a better insight into what size pet is good for you. We offer several popular species of lizards in medium and large sizes, that includes Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Basilisks and Ball Pythons.

You can always count on our support with your new pet regardless of its size.

Mike Biernacki

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